1. salmon creek gary

    Hunter, Frogman, Sniper, Spy: Retired SEAL Terry Houin Is Just Getting Started

    After forty years with DOD, I probably know about - and even did - some stuff many folks never heard of . . . Ho Hum. I have to confess, though, that my eyes opened very, very wide as I read this article about the life and career of retired SEAL Terry Houin. He was involved with...
  2. R

    Russian sniper rifle in Ukraine conflict

    I just caught this image on a news feed this morning state of the art sniper system - for 1936
  3. S

    Sniper rifles for Ukraine ?

    Well, I will probably get some heat for this but here goes. Our major gun manufacturers , Ruger, Winchester, and Remington are making good money lately with increased gun ownership sales. The Ukrainian civilians could use several hundred American hunting rifles chambered in the AK cartridge...
  4. R

    Top Canadian sniper now in Ukraine

    I hope they give him something better than a Dragonov
  5. SrMachoSolo

    New Orleans Interstate Sniper/Serial Killer,Crescent%20City%20a%20shooting%20gallery. There is an on going thing in New Orleans, weekly reports of...
  6. Lennie

    First woman graduates from Army sniper course
  7. Lennie

    The U.S. Army’s Search for a Sniper Rifle

    Article is a very interesting read but will take a few minutes to read
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