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single shot

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  1. tinkerbill

    WTB OR  Old 22LR rifle and/or parts, working or not

    Looking for a bargain 22LR rifle, working or fixable for our older widowed neighbor. Coyotes are eating her chickens! We live way out in sparsely populated area and she has roughly 2 dozen (at last count) laying hens that are free range during the day. Coyotes have mostly been waiting at a...
  2. HighlandLofts

    Sheridan 22lr single shot

    A few years ago I picked up a old Sheridan 22lr single shot handgun. Only one I have seen. It's called a Knockabout. They were made back in the late fifties for only two years. I take my seven year old grandson out shooting every weekend and we will take this one out occasionally.
  3. DeanMk

    Speedy reloading, break action single shot

    New to me, has anyone seen this before? Is this some kind of competition thing? I've never heard of anyone mentioning this style of reloading before, but it seems to be extremely efficient (with a little practice). I could see someone shooting doubles in Skeet using this method. Key seems to...
  4. S

    WTB OR  Looking for 20 or 12 ga single shot slug gun

    Looking to buy a single shot riffled slug gun with iron sights. Something like a H&R or NEF tracker or whitetail edition. 12 or 20 gauge. Would also consider a Thomson Center if it also has iron sights and isn't a fortune. I'm in the greater Portland Metro area, but also get down to Eugene...
  5. lilrhino

    FIE CBC Brazil 12ga single shot model sb

    Old single shot 12 gauge, selling off a friends collection. $100
  6. U

    VIDEO: World's Smallest Handgun, Blows Arm off with a Single Shot!

    This is really amazing video to watch. There are two short clips at the beginning of this webpage, followed by a longer video about this unique handgun: Firing a 2 Inch Gun in Slow Motion
  7. RVNvet

    Is there a way to safely 'pin' a 10/22 bolt/receiver to prevent cycling?

    I'm getting a can for my Ruger 10/22. I'd like to have the option of somehow SAFELY stopping the semi-auto action to prevent the associated cycling noise. My thought is some kind of removable pin or stud through the receiver and into or behind the bolt. Before I contact my favorite gunsmith...