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  1. BlackdogGS

    Winchester ammo quality control

    I’ve been having bad luck with Winchester ammo lately especially .22 and .17 HMR. Was shooting the pictured .22 ammo suppressed and some were supersonic and some were not. Even had a squib load where the bullet only traveled about 1/4”. Lots of duds. This pistol can normally go through a...
  2. Soli

    Factory Ammunition Quality

    I shoot “quality” ammunition. Meaning if it's on the shelf, brass case, and it's a main stream name (and it's not from the old USSR... lol personal history leaves a mark) I shoot it. I know that some of my .22s occasionally don't like some ammo, but other than that they all eat it all just fine...
  3. P

    Ruger Quality control on Ruger American Rimfire

    Just picked up a Ruger American Rimfire Compact in 22lr. Got it home and sure enough, the front sight fell off. Looked closer and the whole damn screw hole is not threaded and is too big for the 6-40 thread pitch they use. The stock also was not free floated (somewhat common on Ruger...
  4. ilikegunspdx

    Need recommendations for low cost but decent quality camo netting

    Anybody know of any inexpensive camo netting that will last a while? I bought one of these Allen brand camo nets cuz they were on clearance at Walmart but they are thin like cloth, not heavy plastic and not burlap. They faded within a very short time due to UV from the sun and became just a...
  5. albin25


    :s0001:These are two very lucky campers (and, their two dogs are lucky too!):s0001: And... to ALL the heroic responders .... holy mackerel !!! (You guys are gonna need to figure out who gets the honor to play you in the movie version.)...
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