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  1. albin25


    :s0001:These are two very lucky campers (and, their two dogs are lucky too!):s0001: And... to ALL the heroic responders .... holy mackerel !!! (You guys are gonna need to figure out who gets the honor to play you in the movie version.)...
  2. kbf64

    Quality control goes out the window...

    Maybe it's just my recent luck, but it seems that QC has gone out the window towards the end of 2020 until now. Earlier in 2020 I bought rifles that seemed to be well put together, then more recently seems like it's gone to pot. Anyone notice more issues towards the present in terms of QC...
  3. P

    Quality and Value

    I have several black powder rifles and have no idea of value. Someone wants to buy one and tells me to figure out how much I want for it. Obviously I don't know much about these long rifles but expect that they are pretty plain jane versions. I hate to let anyone know that I have firearms in...
  4. ilikegunspdx

    Local gun shop employee, "CZ75 is a poor quality firearm, that's why I own a Glock"

    This is what a guy told me a couple days ago in a local gun shop. I didn't try to take the time to educate the ignorant F as I believe him to be beyond help. Dang, I feel sorry for people just getting into guns and are being told this BS. I have nothing against Glocks at all of course but...
  5. J

    suggestions for a quality single-point sling?

    Was looking at the Magpul MS4 and heard something about JS Premium single point sling but haven’t looked at it really to know. Those of you who have one I would love and all advice or recommendations. Thanks
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