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  1. J

    RHINO RACK - Roof Rack on Vehicles...

    Anybody have first hand knowledge on RHINO RACK on a offroad vehicle install. Difference or preference between the pioneer elevation backbone install vs the Maximus -3 system... Maximus3 apparently completely different mount system but same platform? I'd love to see either in person up close...
  2. B

    Where can I buy a AV or Server rack locally????

    I've ordered 3 Sanus AV racks through amazon and all 3 have failed to deliver - each from different sellers. I'm giving up on ordering online, and now I need the racking right now!! Does anyone sell AV or Server racks / Cabinets 27u or bigger in the Portland area???? I'm blanking on all my...
  3. USMC1911

    Rifle rack on door

    Anyone using one of the rifle racks that you mount on the door of your safe? Do you like it? Any cons? I need a bit more rifle room in my safe. Any other clever ideas? My rifle storage is cramped and tuff to get to some without unloading everything. I'm looking for some storage ideas.
  4. h4344

    Tech Nerd Input Needed - Dell Rack Server

    Anyone know a good cheap option for a Dell Rack mounted server to manage my NAS that I expect to install soon? It's managed through a web interface but I just want something new that will have 0 issues with either Ubuntu or some other free OS I might roll with. IDEAS?!
  5. wired

    Motorcycle gun rack

    Just when I think Ive seen everything I saw a guy riding a Harley yesterday on the street with 2 rifles on the back sticking straight up like antenna in a sort of gun rack. Had an American flag flying from the AR-15 which looked appropriate to me. My wife asked "Is that legal?" I told her as...
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