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  1. CountryGent

    The Swedish m/21 BAR in 6.5x55㎜

    Pretty neat-o variant in a fine cartridge.
  2. E

    Not A Bug  scrolling bar mobile issue

    I notice while browsing on mobile and scrolling down the list a white/greyish bar scrolls across the top of my mobile browser. It's going from left to right at the top. What is this? Using Android on a pixel 3a using FF and the experimental dark mode.
  3. A

    How do I keep Inbox and Alert tool bar permanently on bottom of mobile screen?

    I would like to have the tool bar at bottom of screen stay on. Currently it disappears and I have to swipe up to get it to reappear, then it disappears again after I begin scrolling down. How do I get it to stay on screen while I am scrolling down.
  4. 8

    Working for 100%. That new progress bar got me.

    Not an old-timer, but not brand new either. Been here for a few months now. Love this community.
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