1. kopcicle

    Fatal shooting near bar involved rival biker gangs, Port St. Luce police say

    https://www.wptv.com/news/treasure-coast/region-st-lucie-county/port-st-lucie/fatal-shooting-near-bar-involved-rival-biker-gangs-port-st-luce-police-say After a chase into Martin County, police arrested Inchauteguiz and said he had gunshot residue on his hands and was carrying a six-shot speed...
  2. U

    1981 Browning BAR .300 Win Mag

    Just got my hands on a really nice older BAR. it has the factory irons and I am wondering if there are other folks with info on scope height, objective lens size, and clearance of the factory irons? Also wondering if folks have suggestions on where to go for info on these rifles? There does not...
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