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  1. RicInOR

    Other State  Forgotten gun that might have fallen off car roof near Hugo elementary school leads to police search Article mentions Washington County - but it is not Oregon.
  2. J

    RHINO RACK - Roof Rack on Vehicles...

    Anybody have first hand knowledge on RHINO RACK on a offroad vehicle install. Difference or preference between the pioneer elevation backbone install vs the Maximus -3 system... Maximus3 apparently completely different mount system but same platform? I'd love to see either in person up close...
  3. The Heretic

    Metal roof (shop) sealing?

    I have a few leaks in the roof of my shop towards the back and the front. Not sure where exactly, maybe it is blowing up under the eaves? It does get windy up here and the front faces the prevailing direction the wind comes from (SW). In the back of the shop the water drips down onto an area...
  4. tac

    New roof on my Boxster - whooohoooo!!!

    After almost sixteen years, the old soft-top let go in one corner - one of the two great shames of Porsche in their attempt to recover a failing market with a new 'cheap' roadster. At almost $60 here in UK, the fact that the early Boxsters had a plastic rear window, like a 1950s MG, but worse...
  5. teflon6string

    Disappearing Rain Runoff From Roof Gutters - Question

    I see a broad cross section of home owners and trade professionals here, so I'm hoping you guys and gals can help me "groupsource" a random off-topic solution regarding rain runoff from my roof and gutters. Everything is clear and downspouts are flowing strongly when it rains. Problem is, none...
  6. C

    Kia Sportage Roof rails/rack advice?

    So i picked up a Yakima Basketcase roof basket from a Goodwill for 8 bucks... no mounting hardware came with it though; but it would be a perfect fit for my Kia Sportage if it had a roof rack installed on it.. alas, it doesnt... so car guys.. what are my better options? I see on ebay that theres...
  7. NWGlockgal

    83 year old throws suspect off roof

    Don't mess with this guy! Suspect thrown off roof by 83-year-old resident to end long standoff
  8. U

    National  Half-Naked, Beer guzzling Roofer offers free AR-15 to any customer getting a new roof for their home

    Yep, hire this Dude in Alabama to put a new roof on your house, and he will give you a free AR-15, along with the new roof, during his company's summer sales promotion. Here is a link to his video ad. WARNING: He is not wearing much clothing in this ad, and he gratuitously guzzles down both...
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