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A pin is a device used for fastening objects or material together, and can have three sorts of body: a shaft of a rigid inflexible material meant to be inserted in a slot, groove, or hole (as with pivots, hinges, and jigs); a shaft connected to a head and ending in a sharp tip meant to pierce one or more pieces of soft materials like cloth or paper (the straight or push pin); a single strip of a rigid but flexible material (e.g. a wire) whose length has been folded into parallel prongs in such fashion that the middle length of each curves towards the other so that, when anything is inserted between them, they act as a clamp (e.g. the bobby pin), or two strips of a rigid material bound together by a spring at one end so that, when the spring held open, one can insert some material between the prongs at the other end that, the spring allowed to close, then clamp the inserted material. According to their function, pins can be made of metals (e.g. steel, copper, or brass), wood, or plastic.

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  1. Dr Prepper

    Steel bushings for trigger pins?

    Anyone else ever think about oversizing their trigger pin holes, drilling and tapping them out to like 5/16 or 3/8" and tapping them (with a finer thread or specialty pattern) and then perm. installing them. Maybe even swage them in? And then drilling and tapping those steel inserts to...
  2. AMT

    Decapping pin question

    Are all decapping pins the same dimensions? RCBS, Lyman, Dillon, etc. They sure are different priced! : Lyman Decapping Pins 10 Pack : General Sporting Equipment : Sports & Outdoors : Dillon Precision 21528 Pistol Decapping Pin 10 Pack Fit All Dillon Pistol Dies ...
  3. 40MikeMike

    Canted AR15 fsb and roll pins

    I got my ar back from a gunsmith, after a month wait I have to say the work is quite dissapointing. The front sight post was suppose to have taper pins and instead the "gunsmith" used roll pins because in his words it was "difficult" as he said. And the fsp is canted slightly to the left, any...
  4. J

    decapping pins?

    does anyone local stock headed decapping pins?? of course i broke one now lol.
  5. Mosinhelp

    Can’t find pins to knock out on the rear sight of my mosin

    Does anyone have the measurements of where the pins will be based off either end of the sight itself that they can give me so I can make a mark where they are.. because someone has ground and possibly polished them down to a point where I can’t even identify them at all and I’ve punched and even...
  6. C

    Tumbling with Stainless pins

    Let's hear some tips for cleaning brass with a rotary tumbler. I have the Frankford Arsenal Platinum tumbler. 5LBS of stainless pins with 10 more lbs on order. Using the FA Brass pod packs... First load. Too much brass. Primer pockets still too dirty for my liking. Running a second time...
  7. LuckySG

    Tired of maring your AR receiver's finish when installing the roll pins? Mangling the rear takedown detent spring?

    Or using a yard of masking tape for protection? It does not have to be that way! I have buggered my own beautiful work enough times a new option has been laid out and it is available for any brand of non-polymer receivers you own or buy from me (yes even the Anderson can have a status upgrade)...
  8. F

    Need help with drilling Pins for A2 gasblock

    So I bought a really nice colt 6940 as a police trade in. But they chopped the barrel to 10”. So I bought a new 16” 6940 barrel to swap it. And the special barrel nut tool. But the folding gasblock needs to be swapped onto it. With everywhere closed right now, I was wondering if anybody in the...
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