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Microsoft Plus! is a discontinued commercial operating system enhancement product by Microsoft. The last edition is the Plus! SuperPack, which includes an assortment of screensavers, themes, and games, as well as multimedia applications. The Microsoft Plus! product was first announced on January 31, 1994 under the internal codename "Frosting". The first edition was
an enhancement for Windows 95, Windows 95 Plus!
The enhancements that make up Microsoft Plus! were generally developed by Microsoft itself. The Plus! packs also included games and content from third-party companies; for example, in Plus! for Windows XP, the HyperBowl game developed by Hyper Entertainment Inc. was included. Plus! features that enhance the base operating system or provide utility are generally included free of charge in the next release of Windows.
Microsoft Plus! was discontinued in favor of Windows Ultimate Extras in Windows Vista.

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  1. sagia308

    New years Eve shoot around Saiga 308 at *480 yards* plus 3 pistols at 100 turtle shell included

    the pistols were kinda lame but the double tapping saiga 308 rocked
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