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  1. Smitty79

    Buying a Surpressor, Near Portland, in Easy Mode?

    One of the things I most enjoy doing, is taking non-shooters to the range and showing them things about guns. I have several guns that have no other use case than to let other people shoot them. I've never really gotten the interest in suppressors. When I'm shooting for fun, I wear hearing...
  2. Capn Jack

    Easy Shooting Bench Ideas

    Stomper's folding work bench.:eek: This is what I use when I want to set up a scope. I can take it and a folding chair just about any where. The "Split" rest is from the NRA Store. It's for AR's when you have to use an extended magazine. The wooden "doughnuts" are glued on to keep the rest from...
  3. Rykdean

    Easy reloading bench ideas?

    Hey all, I have wanted to begin reloading but don't have a workbench to mount a press. Also don't have the tools to cut wood to make something myself so looking for ideas. I scrolled through the reloading bench picture thread for ideas and saw a few folks re-purposing computer hutches and the...
  4. DuneHopper

    How To Create a Gun Grab State in 5 Easy Steps - by DH

    How To Create a Gun Grab State in 5 Easy Steps: Step One : Create a hostile environment, for businesses owners and raise their taxes. Step Two : Remove teaching rights from parents, and allow the state to guide them. Step Three : Let the state provide free health, Housing and Food to those...
  5. Yarome

    Easy Jig 2 80% Build

    I'm curious if anyone has used this jig and would have any tips or tricks for us. This is a new project for us (my son and I) after completing several Glock 80% builds. The lowers we have are 7075-T6 anodized. Some questions that would welcome some insight: 1. I don't own a drill press (or...
  6. Pops1911

    Who Knew That Shotguns Were This Doggone Easy?!?

    Ya'll can easily tell from my forum name that shot guns are not my primary source of firearms delight. Back in the late 1970's I inherited a Remington 870 Wingmaster in 12ga. Never really used it much. Yes, I did take it out in the field for dove, quail and pheasant but only a small hand full...
  7. old11bravo

    Prone shooting aint as easy as it looks!

    This mat was generously donated to me by one of the most gracious and humble members on the forums, and no it wasn't JuKk0u. However old smiley himself did join me to partake of the fun and festivities. Here are my first set of groups with my new DMR. All groups were at 100 yards. I was...
  8. The Heretic

    The January 2018 stock market - easy come, easy go.

    I knew that we were in for a pullback eventually with the way the market was going and other factors (the bond market, interest rates, etc.). But it was exciting to see my 401K/IRA earn more than I was at my job. Come the end of the market this last Friday it was all gone and back to where it...
  9. IronMonster

    Street level criminals have easy access to firearms

    REAL SCOOP: Street level criminals have easy access to firearms What is crazy to me is they imply that MORE laws are needed to "fix" this when logic would lead you to the conclusion that criminals don't obey laws...
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