The IAR 80 was a Romanian World War II low-wing monoplane, all-metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft. When it first flew, in 1939, it was comparable to contemporary designs being deployed by the airforces of the most advanced military powers such as the Hawker Hurricane and Bf 109E. Production problems and lack of available armament delayed entry of the IAR 80 into service until 1941. It remained in frontline use until May 1945.

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  1. james2562

    Does anyone have an 80% jig I can come and use or borrow?

    I have the typical story. I would like to complete an 80% lower for all the usual reasons but the cost of the jig does not make it appealing to me. When I can get a complete Aero lower for $150 its hard to justify a lower plus the jig for $150 or more. I am in Seattle and would be willing to...
  2. Espire

    5D Tactical, 80% Jig Review

    This is my second review of the 5D tactical (sorry this took some time getting up). The first review was pulled due to multiple issues I had. After speaking with Andy the owner, I gave it a second go around. An additional note: I know nothing of metal working. I know there was discussion of...
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