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Grab that Gun is a 2004 album by The Organ. It was the only full-length release from the band before they broke up. The first track Brother was featured on the show The L Word season 2 episode 2.

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  1. DuneHopper

    How To Create a Gun Grab State in 5 Easy Steps - by DH

    How To Create a Gun Grab State in 5 Easy Steps: Step One : Create a hostile environment, for businesses owners and raise their taxes. Step Two : Remove teaching rights from parents, and allow the state to guide them. Step Three : Let the state provide free health, Housing and Food to those...
  2. alv7722

    Oregon  New gun grab org in Oregon!

    There is a new, proposed, non profit (sic) group calling itself "State of Safety", to lead "conversations" about gun safety in OR. They will apply for non profit status, so will be exempt from disclosing their sources of funding. It is headed by a Henry Wessinger. I wonder if its non-profit...
  3. JavaDude

    Oregon  It's here - 2018 IP-44 Draft Ballot Title

    It’s time to challenge 2018 Initiative Petition #44 Draft Ballot. Secretary of State Elections Division Contact: [email protected] | 503-986-1518 | Toll Free 1-866-673-VOTE Initiative Petition The Elections Division received a draft ballot title from the...
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