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  1. robertvarner

    Reloading 223 for a Mossberg MVP Predator - Bolt Action

    I've recently started reloading and have been consuming information with a fire-hose about the subject. I've run into a question I need some help with from those with more experience in this subject area. I want to determine which C.O.A.L to use for reloading different bullet types like HP, SP...
  2. O

    Ruger American Predator

    I have a rap and it shoots awesome I've seen alot of people are putting them in chassis I'm curious what every one else thinks are the worth putting in a chassis or "precision" worthy or is it a waste of money?
  3. BrandonOR

    Preference on Predator Rifles?

    Not sure if this should be here or in hunting, but I'm looking to get into some predator hunting and looking at what eifle would be good and more importantly in what caliber. Is there a caliber that would be a good all around for coyotes, foxes and bobcat? I would prefer to be able keep pelts...
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