Local history is the study of history in a geographically local context, often concentrating on a relatively small local community. It incorporates cultural and social aspects of history. Local history is not merely national history writ small but a study of past events in a given geographical area which is based on a wide variety of documentary evidence and placed in a comparative context that is both regional and national. Historic plaques are one form of documentation of significant occurrences in the past and oral histories are another.
Local history is often documented by local historical societies or groups that form to preserve a local historic building or other historic site. Many works of local history are compiled by amateur historians working independently or archivists employed by various organizations. An important aspect of local history is the publication and cataloguing of documents preserved in local or national records which relate to particular areas.
In a number of countries a broader concept of local lore is known, which is a comprehensive study of everything pertaining to a certain locality: history, ethnography, geography, natural history, etc.

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  1. edzz

    Local police, nice grouping

    So... looks like I-90 west will be rerouted around town for the rest of the day. Seems a driver decided to play stupid games, local police prevailed... News story
  2. SonicBlue03

    Support Local Dealers

    Putting this in activism because now more than ever our favorite local shops need our help. At least the ones that care about doing what's right and taking care of their customers. The box stores have a much easier time surviving this Oregon [email protected] Small shops, notsomuch. And not all...
  3. arakboss

    Finding local private gun deals outside of NWFA.

    Where are some other places to look for local private firearm deals besides NWFA classifieds? I have seen the "I pay cash for houses" signs all over the place. Maybe that tactic could reel in a deal or two on firearms? It might be a good way to repurpose campaign signs. I saw a guy come in...
  4. arakboss

    Which Local Big Box Stores Will Ship To Other Local FFLs?

    Will any of the local big box firearm retailers (Bimart, Cabelas, Sportsman's etc) ship to other local FFLs? If they have done this for you, what was the process like?
  5. OreGun47

    Hello, Local Gun Guy Here..Say hello..:)

    Hello, Local Gun Guy Here..Say hello..:)
  6. C

    Local binocular repair?

    I have a pair of binoculars that need to be collimated. Anyone know of a shop in Salem or Portland area that can handle this?
  7. Reno

    Local source for flat tungsten bar?

    Looking to add weight in places and not pay the extortion fees of the tactical companies! Anyone know of a place I can buy bars tungsten? something like this? https://www.maximum-velocity.com/product/large-tungsten-bar-2-1-ounces/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4oukxrKc-wIVahitBh0QmgnnEAQYASABEgLWMPD_BwE...
  8. arakboss

    Oregon Gun Shops With Ranges and Rentals.

    How many gun shops do we have in Oregon that have in house ranges and offer rentals or demo firearms to try before you buy? Which one is your favorite and why?
  9. ScatPackLife

    Suppressor stuff, local?

    Does anyone know of a local place in the Portland/Beaverton/Vancouver area that might have a 45 acp bore/suppressor alignment rod in stock? I picked up my suppressor yesterday after just over a year of waiting and after mounting it on my pistol, now I’m paranoid of baffle strikes because it’s...
  10. C

    Washington  How can i confirm that the local FFL actually got an approval on my background check?

    Long story, short... I bought a handgun from a local seller and he chose a gun shop he was familiar with for the transfer. While waiting, a discussion started where the employees gave me lots of incorrect information about several inquiries I had about other firearms and incorrect specifics...
  11. Prosser

    Local Cerakote,etc

    Any recommendations on a Beaverton / Portland metro coating company?
  12. BlackdogGS

    Some powders at local stores now.

    I found and bought some XBR 8208 at Cascade Farm and Ranch for $46 a pound, I haven’t seen this stuff in 4 years or so. Works good for 5.56/223 match loads. Then went to BiMart where they had H335 for $36 so I picked up 2 pounds of that also. What I really need is some AR-Comp. Still no primers.
  13. mimimc7

    New here, excited to see local stuff.

    In the grays harbor, pacific county area.
  14. H

    Bulk dry food, local...

    Trying to find local places to buy bulk beans, rice, wheat berries. Local being Oregon around Portland and will drive where needed to get there. Bulk being anywhere from 100lb bags, pallets, or large 1 ton bags. Thanks for any info.
  15. billdo

    Looking for somebody local that does optics cuts for slides

    looking for somebody local that does optics cuts on slides. Have a Glock 21L that I wanna put a venom sight on.
  16. Gprm1911

    Stipling - any place local to OR?

    Came across some of Honest Outlaw's Youtube vids (really enjoy their content), and they were comparing various pistols and the subject of Stipling was discussed. The place they got work done was Texas Custom Gun works. Are there any place within OR that does so?
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