Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The term shipping originally referred to transport by sea but in American English, it has been extended to refer to transport by land or air (International English: "carriage") as well. "Logistics", a term borrowed from the military environment, is also used in the same sense.

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  1. G

    Shipping Boxes?

    I know this topic comes up occasionally but I'm interested in any sources specifically on the west side of Portland (Tualatin, Wilsonville, Tigard, etc.) whom any of you have used as a source for shipping boxes that can be used for rifles or shotguns.
  2. S

    Washington  Shipping for repair work

    Hello all, long time lurker here who recently found myself moving to Washington. I’m finding out a bit late that this state may make things quite a bit more difficult for enjoying my 2A activities! Stuff here seems to border outright stupidity. Anyway, on to my question. I was told by an FFL...
  3. wrongeye3

    Other State  Shipping a Muzzleloader

    Can a muzzleloader be shipped directly to WA, or OR. resident from out of state or does it need to go to a FFL holder?
  4. B

    CA AR laws - Shipping to CA

    Had someone write me on GB asking to take apart a COLT 6920 to sell/ship to CA. Without the research I am not comfortable doing so. I am assuming this person wanted the upper and lower shipped separately. Thoughts? Just trying to be a law abiding citizen. This would be shipped to FFL.
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