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The IWI ACE (formerly IMI Galil ACE) is a family of rifles developed and originally manufactured by an Israeli firearm manufacturer, Israel Military Industries (IMI) of Ramat HaSharon, though it is now produced by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) (IMI privatized their small arms division, called IWI), and was first produced by Colombian INDUMIL, under license. Later producers under license are FAMAE, RPC Fort and Z111 Factory. It is produced in three different calibers; 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm and 7.62×51mm NATO.
The ACE family is based upon the mechanism of the IMI Galil, but using a modernized design and materials to increase its accuracy and lower its weight, while maintaining the Galil's ergonomics, ease of maintenance and reliability under battle conditions. Emphasis was placed in particular in increasing its reliability and accuracy under adverse or battlefield conditions.
The ACE is result of the Israeli technology applied by INDUMIL during the Colombian conflict. From 2006, INDUMIL acquired license to be the sole Galil AR producer and provider in the world, even selling it to Israel. In 2010, INDUMIL presented to the world the Galil ACE family, produced in Colombia, with Colombian technology under Israeli supervision, being an improvement under license.Initially INDUMIL, with IWI supervision and technology sharing, modified 43 out of 96 parts of the Galil AR in order to get what we know as Galil ACE. Of those 43 modified parts, 12 steel parts were replaced by plastic ones, taking out 1.0 kg, and the other 31 parts were redesigned to improve precision.It is the main standard-issue assault rifle of the Chilean Army, of the People's Army of Vietnam and of the Colombian Army, Navy, Air Force and Colombian Police.

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