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  1. gunnut38

    Bald Mountain Clean up. 5th Annual "Clean up the Mountain"

    Yesterday June 22nd SOLVE hoisted the 5th annual Bald Mountain Clean up . Thirty plus volunteers, four hours, 30 cubic yards of debris. Mostly removed from shooting areas in the BLM lands in the area of Bald Mountain west of Carlton. Employees of BLM cooked lunch for all you participated...
  2. RicInOR

    CCI Clean 22 Ammo

    Woodpile Report "For the CCI Mini-Mag it was a 1.16-inch group for "clean ammo" versus 0.69-inch group for standard ammo. " [mini-mag] Tested: CCI Clean-22 Ammo
  3. partsed

    National  NRA Dirty Laundry aired

    NRA's Dirty Laundry Exposed as Pro-Gun Group Cleans House
  4. L

    Any thoughts on keeping a .32 flintlock bore clean in the field & range?

    Everyone, I have a : .32 Flintlock Pedersoli Kentucky rifle with a 32 " barrel and I can only get about 11-12 shots out of the barrel before the bore gets so tight I'm afraid I'll get a ball stuck part way down. I'm using Goex FFFg black powder. In the first outing I used pre-lubed patches...
  5. Reno

    4-20 LOL, Tillamook Clean Up NFWC!

    UPDATE—————- Dumpster was placed on North Fork Wolf Creek Rd not at the four corner trail head. Please go straight to lane 3 or 4 to park. Meet up at 3 for sign up and safety briefing. We will get going around 830-9. Thanks! Spring is in the air. Time for some spring cleaning...
  6. 9mm guy

    Does anyone clean the stainless steel pins/media itself?

    I have the Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler that I use to clean my brass. It uses the stainless steel pins. It's worked great for the past couple of years but I've noticed that on occasion, the brass doesn't have that shine like it used to when it comes out of the tumbler. I'm not sure if this...
  7. AMT

    Primer pockets - How "clean" do they really need to be?

    To start a thread that can't possibly be twisted into something political, how clean do the primer pockets REALLY need to be? I am tumbling, using liquid cleaning solution, gonna try an ultrasonic clean tonight, but they still aren't "clean enough" for my OCD'ness. I understand that the flash...
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