Canik is one of the main municipalities in Samsun, located at the east of the city center. The Municipality had 89.753 inhabitants as of the 2009 census.
Canik became one of the four town municipalities under the patronage of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in 1994. The region was largely settled by middle and lower working-class people in those days, but recent years made a big impact in the local economy. In 2009, Canik's status changed with other Metropolitan areas Ilkadim, Atakum and Tekkekoy, and it was turned into a borough instead of a small town.

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  1. Sherwood1911

    CANiK TP9 SFx - Trigger & Backstrap

    Spent a few hours updating the SFx today. I thought the original trigger was pretty good until I entered the 1911 world. And I've been wanting to balance it a bit more since the front-end was a bit heavy with a 5.2 inch barrel as the grip is light weight polymer. Both of these mods are...
  2. sagia308

    Canik TPSFX 9mm verses S&W M&P 40 cal at 130yards hits 💥🦖👈😛 off plate

    wow the 40 cal nail💥 🦖👈 but the canik had better grouping
  3. L

    Canik rival sfx 18 rounds problem

    Hi everyone, New member on this site and not so new shooter. I only go out recreationally and someone recommend I join during my last outing. Instead of a simple intro I actually have an issue for my first post I recently picked up a used canik rival sfx grey, I cleaned and lubed it, loaded 5...
  4. Sherwood1911

    CANiK Mete MC9 Just Announced

    It's on YouTube .. . ... but not on their canikarms or canikusa sites yet. A bit late to the micro compact party ... "The Canik Mete MC9 is chambered in 9x19 mm with a capacity of 12+1 and 15+1 (both magazine options included in the standard packaging). The MC9 supports an overall length of...
  5. JedB

    Canik Dealer - Portland

    Looking for a Canik dealer in Portland-ish metro that deals in Canik. Looking to buy a TP9SF. Keith's? NW Armory? Anyone else?
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