Clean-up is a part of the workflow in the production of hand-drawn animation.
In traditional animation, the first drawings are called "roughs" or "rough animation" because they are often done in a very loose fashion. If the animation is successfully pencil tested and approved by the director, clean versions of the drawings have to be done. In larger studios this task is given to the animator's assistant, or, in a more specialised setting, to a clean-up-artist. The artist doing the clean-ups is responsible for the final line and finished look of the shot.
Clean-up animation is the process of creating the final drawings you see in the finished film. It does not necessarily mean a "clean" fine line. The artist, usually a team of artists, uses key drawings and animation charts from the animator, making it appear as though one artist has created the whole film. The clean-up artists will follow the intentions of the animators and stay true to performance and movement.
Clean-up is generally done on a new sheet of paper. They can be done on the same sheet as the rough animation if this was done with a "non-copy blue" pencil. This certain tone of blue will be invisible for photocopying machines or grayscale scanners, where the finished animation will be copied on cels or transferred into a computer for further processing.
On average clean-up usually takes twice as long as the rough animation pass because of the precision and extra drawings that are required to complete a shot.

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  1. Beargoo666

    Illegal dumping

    Went to go shooting this morning at a spot I like near central point, down kane creek road. To my disappointment it's been trashed, and this is just a small portion of what's out there. I'd like to organize a time to have a group come clean it up and make it enjoyable again. Message me if your...
  2. gunnut38

    Bald Mountain Clean up. 5th Annual "Clean up the Mountain"

    Yesterday June 22nd SOLVE hoisted the 5th annual Bald Mountain Clean up . Thirty plus volunteers, four hours, 30 cubic yards of debris. Mostly removed from shooting areas in the BLM lands in the area of Bald Mountain west of Carlton. Employees of BLM cooked lunch for all you participated...
  3. Reno

    4-20 LOL, Tillamook Clean Up NFWC!

    UPDATE—————- Dumpster was placed on North Fork Wolf Creek Rd not at the four corner trail head. Please go straight to lane 3 or 4 to park. Meet up at 3 for sign up and safety briefing. We will get going around 830-9. Thanks! Spring is in the air. Time for some spring cleaning...
  4. Rem700..300

    Mary's Peak 3000 line mini clean up

    Since the hunting was a little slow because of the beautiful weather the daughter's boyfriend and I cleaned up the lower 2 spots on the 3000 line. Great day up on the mountain except no antlers. Taking a Friday off really does wonders for a person's mood!!!
  5. Rem700..300

    Gooseneck Corridor clean up FYI This Saturday.

    Didn't see this posted here but found it on the BLM website. September 22, 2018: Gooseneck Corridor “Buckets of Brass” Clean Up, Grand Ronde, OR Help collect and remove litter from this popular recreation and target shooting area. Buckets and gloves will be provided. Participants should meet at...
  6. Rem700..300

    Meet at Mary's Peak for a little clean up.

    The wife and I were going up to Mary's Peak Friday late afternoon for a little clean up? We were going to work on the area visible from the road at the main shooting area about 1/2 way to the top. Been going up there over 30 years and it is about as bad as I've seen. I've got a truck to haul...
  7. Caveman Jim

    Another successful clean up.

    A big thanks to my main man @Slobray for making the hour long drive to help me with the mess that the trash shooters leave in my little hide away pit. Forgot to take a before and after pic, sue meeee I'm tired.:p
  8. Reno

    Clean up at Brown's Camp Saturday April 22nd 9:00AM

    Hi all, Just wanted to start a thread in regards to a clean up TNL is hosting at the Brown's camp area for Earth Day April 22nd at 9am. Trash No Land is grouping up with Solve as well as Oregon department of forestry for a day in the woods cleaning up shooting sites throughout the Brown's...
  9. 11Charlie

    Yacolt clean up on April 1st

    @Cogs Haven't seen this posted so I'm throwing it out there for all our great members. Hopefully this link works Dropbox - No Foolin.pdf I will be attending and looking forward to it. Steffan
  10. rangerlars

    Clean Up at Mt. Hood Forest March 18th!

    March 18, 2017, 9 AM - 12 Noon 36 Pit Cleanup, Mt Hood National Forest, Hwy 224 at the 36 Pit. Sponsored by; Trash No Land, USFS Mt Hood National Forest, Clackamas County Dump Stoppers and Northwest Firearms. Google Maps: Google...
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