Cabela's Inc. is a American retailer which specializes in hunting, fishing, boating, camping, shooting and other outdoor recreation merchandise. The chain is based in Sidney, Nebraska. Cabela's was founded by Richard N. Cabela in 1961. Cabela's was acquired by Springfield, Missouri-based Bass Pro Shops in 2017 and has been a subsidiary since them.
Cabela's mail-order catalogs are shipped to 50 states and 120 countries. More than 120 million catalogs were mailed in its first year as a public company. It also has "Trophy Properties LLC" (a real estate market), the "Gun Library" (for buying and selling new, used, and collectible firearms).

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  1. gmerkt

    Cabelas has slowly lost me as a customer

    Cabelas has gone right down the tubes since Bass Pro took over. They didn't lose me as a customer from any single cause. It was slow erosion. Loss of veteran discount. No more per cent off coupons in the mail. Elimination of guarantee on used guns. You can't try out the action of a firearm...
  2. BloodStorm

    so i went to cabelas to buy a lower and i got this (Oregon)

    i answered the questions truthfully but on the top of the paper is says prohibited dose this mean i am not allowed firearms or is is simply a denial from the nics system i have zero criminal history i take meds for anxiety and am on ssi due to said anxiety and i cant find anything online about...
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