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  1. BigPoppa82

    Cabelas Frame Pack

    Selling my Cabelas Outfitter Frame Pack. In great shape. Only been used once. Dont remember the exact model but it has the water pack(has not been used), rifle/bow holder, and the rain fly. Asking $125 obo , located in centralia.
  2. gmerkt

    Cabelas has slowly lost me as a customer

    Cabelas has gone right down the tubes since Bass Pro took over. They didn't lose me as a customer from any single cause. It was slow erosion. Loss of veteran discount. No more per cent off coupons in the mail. Elimination of guarantee on used guns. You can't try out the action of a firearm...
  3. B

    Cabelas Magnitude 8-32x50 Scope - New

    SOLD - ThanksCabelas Magnitude 30 mm tube, 8-32x50 scope with bullet drop reticle. New in the box. Water proof, fogproof. Originally sold for $299. I'll let it go for $125. From Cabelas, "Aim with confidence through our Magnitude 30mm Riflescopes. Guidetech fully multicoated lenses deliver...
  4. ATCclears

    Cabelas - great price on a H&R Pardner pump shotgun

    H&R Pardner Tactical Shotgun : Cabela's
  5. Mygrainman

    Cabelas Hunting Day Pack

    Im told this was $100 new, used for one trek into the forest in search of hoofed freezer filler, but the guy got jumped by a Sasquatch, barely made it out alive... and swore to never return to the forest again... Or maybe it was a grouse, he didn’t stick around long enough to make a positive...
  6. BloodStorm

    so i went to cabelas to buy a lower and i got this (Oregon)

    i answered the questions truthfully but on the top of the paper is says prohibited dose this mean i am not allowed firearms or is is simply a denial from the nics system i have zero criminal history i take meds for anxiety and am on ssi due to said anxiety and i cant find anything online about...
  7. Aero Denezol

    Cabelas Tualatin has Mosin Nagants again 9/14/18

    There are about two racks full of 91/30's in varying condition for $359 ea. All of them have the red re-arsenal shellac. Last time around they started high $$ but wound up on sale (mid-$200's). Anyway, worth checking out for WWII collectors as the Mosin pipeline to the US has mostly dried up...
  8. J

    Cabelas visa card

    I was thinking about getting one since I’ll be passing thru Eugene tomorrow.Wondering if anyone has signed up for one recently. I looked it up on google and found that it was a 9.9% interest which is way to much for me. I thought maybe they might do a zero % rate when you first sign up. If...

    Anyone with comcast having issues loading cabelas and sportsmans warehouse?

    I'm not sure where to post this but where I'm at right now uses comcast as their ISP and I am currently unable to connect to cabelas, sportsmans warehouse, gun broker, etc. while on wifi. If I switch to mobile data it loads just fine. Anyone else having these issues? Seems kind of fishy to me.
  10. SIG34

    Cabelas stops selling Ar15 mags over 10rds?

    Cabelas “Outdoor sporting store” 9810 Quil Ceda Blvd, Marysville, WA 98271 I was there on Tuesday and saw Zero.. yes Zero.. Ar15 magazines over 10rd on the shelf.. The tags we’re stripped off As well... 3 days prior they had 2 big bins in middle of the hunting department and full shelf of...
  11. DuneHopper

    Buying a Firearm in 2032 at Cabelas

    If laws keep getting passed this is what we can look forward to : Prior to arriving at the store for a purchase. Section A You will have to submit a background check 2 months prior to purchase. You will then have to submit a Stool or blood sample prior to purchase to ensure your DNA does not...
  12. Hal OPeridol

    Cabela's cancels Military/Veterans Discount.

    Just came home from Cabela's. If you were Active Duty or a Veteran, they used to offer a 5% discount on purchases. No longer. Suck it up guys. The long arm of Bass Pro Shop is seriously affecting Cabela's. Besides the loss of the 5% discount, the high muckity-mucks at Bass Pro Shops have also...
  13. D

    Cabelas $100 for $80

    $100 Cabela's Gift Card For Only $80!! - FREE Mail Delivery | eBay Is this too good to be true? I've read of other people using these and haven't heard of any horror stories. I'm looking at buying a Tikka and would like to buy $800 in gift cards. anyone have experience with there? -Deven