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Cabelas has slowly lost me as a customer

Cabelas has gone right down the tubes since Bass Pro took over. They didn't lose me as a customer from any single cause. It was slow erosion. Loss of veteran discount. No more per cent off coupons in the mail. Elimination of guarantee on used guns. You can't try out the action of a firearm now, the trigger lock must stay on. I've only bought a few new guns there; Mostly what I bought was used guns. Lately the new gun dept looks well stocked. The used guns which drew me in, that dept. is pretty sad. Prices typically tended to the high side, but once in a while you could find a true under-priced bargain.

I don't think I'm alone in this. In my recent forays to Cabelas (when I purchased nothing), I've noted the parking lot is a lot less crowded than in past years.

Last year, I was interested in buying a new rifle that wasn't readily available due to caliber selection. I figured I'd have to order it. My first stop was Cabelas. The demoralized counter employee whom I spoke to advised me to avoid Cabelas for this; he referred me to Coastal Farm store in Marysville.

Most of my Cabelas shopping has been done at the Tulalip store. A few times, I've ventured down to the Olympia store. But I've also shopped in their stores in Reno (Verdi) NV, Post Falls, ID, and Mitchell, SD. I've bought guns online from other Cabela's stores around the country and had them shipped here. So I've spent a bit of money with them over time.

It's a shame that my business relationship with Cabelas is pretty much over. Not only was it a source of supply for my hobby but It was fun and enjoyable to shop there under the old regime. That experience is gone.


Cabelas = Hurry up and wait. What?
I've walked out empty handed more times than not. Bass Pro's presents didn't change a thing that makes them stand out any better.
atleast they still sell knives


Walmart steps up 'knife control' in Britain
The Walmart-owned British supermarket chain Asda is going to stop selling single kitchen knives following a spate of stabbings in the country.

"We strongly believe that we have a responsibility to support the communities that we serve," senior vice president Nick Jones said. "Whilst we have already taken steps to restrict the sale of knives to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands, we felt there was more we could be doing to support those looking at how to bring this issue under control."

"Control" is the issue, as stricter and stricter knife control has taken hold in the UK. It is already illegal to sell individual knives to anyone under 18. A discount retail variety chain in the UK, Poundlands, last year banned the sale of knives altogether in their own stores.
Walmart steps up 'knife control' in Britain

Aero Denezol

Cabela's is a "safe" box store environment for a lot of novices and garden variety gun owners to learn about new firearms products and shooting. Other than that, they are overpriced on most guns, ammo, and accessories. Occasionally there is a sale on used guns, and once in a while they get a batch of something interesting, like the K-31's two summers ago.

In my experience, the handgun counter staff is impatient and condescending. I could outsell all of those clowns combined.

One thing, I do like to gift their $7 multi-tool as a stocking stuffer. And, I like the aquarium.
I have stopped shopping there as well and have not visited Cabelas in a few years. For several reasons, but I have changed my shopping behavior to buying mostly online anyway. Seems like whenever I go to retail shops like Cabelas, many of the employees are tatted-up, pierced-up freaks who are rude and have little to no interest in providing anything resembling customer service.

Online sellers like Bud's Discount Guns and Brownells make it too easy to buy new guns and have them shipped directly to my FFL. Bud's consistently has better prices than most.

I've found Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops prices to be full-boat retail and not attractive.

I'm also finding myself attending fewer gun shows, as the prices there for new guns are higher than many places online, even factoring in shipping/transfer costs.


Well, I'll have to throw in here I guess. A couple days after Christmas I needed to exchange a pair of slippers that were too small at the Tualatin store. I gotta say the guy in the shoe department was wonderful. Running his butt off and friendly/helpful as can be.

We don't go there often as it's WAY away from NE PDX. We usually go just to look at stuff when we have nothing better to do. Sometimes I'll, or Wifey, find something needed. One thing they did that took half that pleasure away was eliminate the "Bargain Cave". Yep, gone! Now it's all kayak/canoe crap in that room. Dude said the bargain stuff is just marked down on the aisles now.


Hard to "like" yet do agree the sad deterioration of Cabelas leaves my own shopping seeking other more suitable vendors.


I've never liked how long it took to even get a look see at a rifle or scope there and never thought they had all that great a price, so I might gawk a bit, but I do my gun shopping elsewhere. I like taking advantage of free shipping on other things when I ship to store.
The first two guns that we bought were from Cabelas a few years ago. Both times we had to wait for 4 hours to fill out the paper work, wait for the approval process, have their "Outfitters" look over the new gun, and finally have the gun handed over to me. Since then we have bought our guns at other gun shops, and the wait has never been over an hour. The prices are higher at Cabelas, but the waiting is what really turns me off from buying a gun there.

I bought my son a Henry 22 for his birthday a number of years ago (jeez, time is flying!). I went to Cabela’s because the rifle was on sale, I had a coupon, plus some Club points.
It was the longest, most convoluted firearms purchase I have ever experienced. I think I saved maybe $80 bucks. I swore I’d never buy a firearm from them ever again.
For me Cabela's is more a museum than a retail as their prices are not competitive and their inventory mostly does not meet my interests. Their apparel is way outdated, gun counter is too busy and shelves look boring.
I normally don't go there unless I drive by and have time to kill, and it happens less and less often.
Those were the days my friend...In the early 70's we lived in Denver and would recieve the 25 page Cabelas catalog. Good stuff. Once a year we visited their only location in Nebraska. The original bargin cave had really great deals. I used to like the gun room and used gun racks here, but they are not the same either. Only gun I ever bought was that crazy deal in 2016 when Savage 12FV bolt guns were 219.00 after rebate. Its been fun.
Their lifetime warranty on Cabelas branded items is gone as well, even for things purchased under the warranty.

I had a duffel bag for about 15 years and the zipper broke. I figured I'd bring it and get a replacement. Nope, i was informed that even though when I bought the bag it had a lifetime warranty, they no longer provide it. But they would be happy to knock 40% off a new one for me.

I told them to keep them both.

I work right near the Tulalip store and frequent it at lunch just for something to do sometimes. I bought a S&W 29-2 a few months ago for an 'ok' price. Other than that, I don't think I've spent a dime in a couple years. They seem to almost always be out of what I need when I need it anymore.

I've been a 20+ year customer and have had their credit card for at least 10 years. The migration to Capital One has actually been a positive for me, as my primary checking account is with them, so I can now view my balances in one screen. The downside is with how Cabelas has gradually gone down hill, I never use the card anymore.

The Bass Pro takeover has exasperated some of the faults Cabelas had beforehand. The quality of their house brands has gone down significantly over the years as production has moved as best I can tell, elusively overseas.

It's just not the same anymore.


I remember the days when Cabela's and Bass Pro catalogs featured the best buys on fishing equip that could be found. Even with shipping. Today they are both the equivalent of REI and Eddie Bauer on pricing. Fun to go lookieloo at their stores, but I never find anything worthwhile to purchase!!!



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