H&R Block is an American tax preparation company in North America, Australia, and India. The Kansas City-based company also offers payroll, and business consulting services.
Founded in 1955 by brothers Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch. H & R Block currently operates approximately 12,000 retail tax offices worldwide. They offer consumer tax software (formerly TaxCut), as well as online tax preparation and electronic filing from their website.

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  1. NCW_Robert

    $99 H&R Pardner Pump Shotgun - 20 Gauge

    I bought a $99 H&R Pardner 20 Gauge Pump Shotgun hoping it would be good, as in "cheap but good". Not "good" like a high end shotgun, don't mean it like that. UnionMillsNW posted a link in the great deals section, so I convinced myself I needed another shotgun and bought it. After all, 99...
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