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  1. BigDog67

    Ruger American to Predator Conversion

    A few years ago I bought a Ruger American Compact 7mm-08 for the grandkids. Fast forward 4+ years and it is too short for them. So last summer I picked up a Ruger American Predator stock on ebay. Turns out that it took longer stock bolts than the "little" stock, about 1/4-3/8 too short. So I...
  2. GWS

    Ruger American in .308 or 6.5CM

    So I'm trying to help our economy by buying a Ruger American rifle. The good folks at BiMart have a .308 with 20 inch barrel and a 6.5Creedmoor with a 24 inch barrel. $439.97 for either I'm well stocked with ammo in both calibers so does anyone have a Ruger American in either caliber and if yes...
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