Pack or packs may refer to:
Cigarette pack
Cub scouts group, or a group or gang in a larger sense, as in Leader of the Pack
Expansion pack, a video game needing another one to be played
Moving company, an organization that loads goods into containers and then transports them
Pack (aircraft), P.A.C.K (Pneumatic Air Cycle Kit), a kit containing an air cycle machine that provides air conditioning as part of an aircraft's environmental control system
Pack (canine), family structure of wild animals of the biological family Canidae
pack (compression), a UNIX utility to compress files using Huffman encoding
Pack hunter, other animals that hunt in a group
Playing cards pack

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    For those who are still rocking good ol' ALICE, what about this idea for radio pocket organizers?

    I measured the radio pockets on both my Medium and Large ALICE rucksacks, they're 10" tall, roughly 12" wide and 6" deep; so I decided to look at organizer inserts.. none that I could find that fits the radio pocket... all are either too wide, too narrow, or too tall.. usually for things like...
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    FILBE lid on modified Mystery Ranch RATS pack

    Okay, so a client sent me a destroyed FILBE main bag, and a heavily modded Mystery Ranch RATS pack... So that I could surgically move the complete FILBE lid to the RATS pack, which was missing its original lid and had a 2" wide strip sewn around 3 sides to expand it along with more MOLLE in the...
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