Squib or Squibb may refer to:
Squib (explosive)
Squib (Harry Potter)
Squib (Star Wars)
Squib (weblog)
Squib (writing)
Squib (sketched concept or visual solution)
Squib, Kentucky
Squib kick, a football play
Squib load, a firearm malfunction
Squib sailboat
Squibs (1921 film), a 1921 film starring Betty Balfour
Squibs (1935 film), a 1935 remake film also starring Balfour
Squib, a tentacle monster from the webshow Baman Piderman

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  1. 284guy

    Hi Point squib filled barrel...How does this even happen?

    These people vote and procreate. Lol Hi-Point warranty center finds carbine barrel stuffed with 35 bullets
  2. 13BWayToBe

    What brands of factory ammo have you seen squib

    Havnt seen a thread with this yet. Only with hand loads have I heard of rampant squibs. Anyone have had/know of factory rounds that have had squibs? I know they are always a possibility, but am just curious. Im about to go to the range on Friday and test out some Underwood ammo and I can't deny...
  3. G

    First squib today ever...

    OK. So I have been reloading on and off for 30 years. Today I shot my first squib. It all turned out OK and I learned a lot from it so thought I should share the knowledge. I was shooting my 6mmBR for the first time in 3 or so years. I realized that I wanted to work up a real load and had 19...
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