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Favorite hunting and outdoor authors?

I made another Amazon supply order today and whilst doing so bought a book by Robert Ruark that we don't have in the library at the present, with the faint hope of the schedule slowing down to get back to reading for fun.

Which brings me to my question: who are some of your favorite hunting and outdoor authors? Any particular titles you enjoyed the most? Thanks for sharing. :)
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I enjoyed reading From Out of the Yukon, America’s Number One Trophy, and The Rifleman in Alaska by James H. (Jim) Bond. Long out of print, but I have seen them listed on Amazon. Don't know if any libraries would have them.

I met Mr. Bond and his wife Mary many years ago, when I was a young police officer. They were then retired, and have since passed. They were lovely people and I kept an eye out for them as the neighborhood in which they lived had become pretty rough.

In his younger years, Jim hunted extensively all over North America (and possibly elsewhere in the world... I don't recall as it has been many years since I visited with him.) He also did game surveys for the Canadian government, and was involved with Boone and Crockett (as a scorer) and other organizations.

Anyway, I found his stories (of a different time)very interesting.
Pat McManus, I have a friend who knows him, if I remember right pat used to live in sandpoint idaho? Not far from here. I will always remember he wrote in a story,when he was messing with black powder.Poof no eyebrows! Yes pat a match is an excellent catalyst for black powder.......been there done that lmao.
The Island Within by Richard Nelson.
An account of anthropologist Richard Nelson's efforts to learn about Kanaashi Island, off the coast of Alaska, drawn from a journal he kept of his personal experiences. Includes information on the island's flora and fauna, and on the Koyukan Indians.
It is so good! Way above and beyond a “hunting” book.
I’m a fan of the classics by Elmer Keith, Jack O’Connor, & Robert Ruark. Everything by Col. Jeff Cooper is fantastic. Check out Safari Press for lots of amazing titles.


The Dean: Jack O'Connor: Because as a kid, he taught me what good writing looked like and when an opinion was offered it came complete with related experience.

Aldo Leopold for near-poetic narratives constructed like hand-made furniture.

William Faulkner for making the reader actually feel the humidity in the air as a covey of Bobwhite erupts from a Delta thicket.

Henry David Thoreau: For teaching me resistance to norms, literally keeping me out of prison and that the East Coast was once not a God-forsaken rat cage.

John Muir: For teaching me even though you cherish the forest, its okay to light a huge tree on fire up on a ridge for fun when Teddy Roosevelt hikes with you, and that California was once not a God-forsaken rat cage.

Jose' Ortega y Gasset: For teaching me the object is being out there. The kill is merely what got you out there.

Teddy Roosevelt: For preserving huge portions of America from becoming a God-forsaken rat cage, and showing that even a sickly privileged nearsighted rich kid can become the toughest dude in the whole world.

Patrick McManus: For his ability to bring tears to the reader's eyes: from uncontrolled laughter to deep irretrievable sorrow (sometimes in the same story). And for being gracious to me when I kept showing up at his booth at an event.

Now: Wayne VanZwoll: for carrying on Jack O'Connor's axiom of relating experience to bolster opinion.

I better quit now.


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I grew up on Hemingway, Gray, and London.... but my long time favorite is Louis Lamour. Not a big gun guy, but he sure can tell a story. Still reading his stuff, over and over....


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