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In contract law, a warranty is a promise which is not a condition of the contract or an innominate term: (1) it is a term "not going to the root of the contract", and (2) which only entitles the innocent party to damages if it is breached: i.e. the warranty is not true or the defaulting party does not perform the contract in accordance with the terms of the warranty. A warranty is not guarantee. It is a mere promise. It may be enforced if it is breached by an award for the legal remedy of damages.
A warranty is a term of a contract. Depending on the terms of the contract a product warranty may run with a product so that a manufacturer makes the warranty to a consumer with which the manufacturer has no direct contractual relationship.
A warranty may be express or implied. An express warranty is expressly stated (typically written); whether or not a term will be implied into a contract depends on the particular contract law of the country in question. Warranties may also state that a particular fact is true at one point in time or that the fact will continue into the future (a "continuing warranty").

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  1. C

    RIA M200 Warranty

    Hello everyone, I have an RIA M200 .38 Special revolver that I've had for a couple years that has developed timing issues. I quite like the gun and I'm considering taking advantage of RIA's lifetime warranty. But since I've never warrantied any gun ever, the idea kind of makes me nervous. Does...
  2. BrianHillsboro

    Bushnell warranty

    Just want to give bushnell a shout out. Bought a 1022 from a dude off armslist several years ago, had a bushnell 3x9x40 mounted. Quickly became my favorite gun to take shooting....was a tac driver to say the least. About 3 years of plinking the scope took a dump on me...appeared an internal...
  3. 5

    Anyone know offhand if I can bring Leatherman to warehouse for warranty service?

    Did the form online, just find the post office a hassle. Snapped the flathead at the Pick-n-Pull and hope they will take mercy on me.
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