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Leatherman is a brand of multitools and knives made by Leatherman Tool Group of Portland, Oregon, US. The company was founded in July 1983 by Timothy S. Leatherman and Steve Berliner in order to market his idea of a capable, easily portable hand tool with multiple functions. That same year Leatherman sold the first multitool, which was called the PST (Pocket Survival Tool).

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  1. 5

    Anyone know offhand if I can bring Leatherman to warehouse for warranty service?

    Did the form online, just find the post office a hassle. Snapped the flathead at the Pick-n-Pull and hope they will take mercy on me.

    Another Company With Excellent Service - Leatherman

    After just two weeks I received my replacement Leatherman Wave tool today ! Been feeling naked without it on my belt where it rides nicely in a Blackhawk DS mag pouch!
  3. ATCclears

    WSJ - The Leatherman Multi-Tool’s Inventor on the One Thing He Never Uses It For

    The Leatherman Multi-Tool’s Inventor on the One Thing He Never Uses It For The article may be paid content. A snippet: "When my wife and I travel, I always carry a paring knife in my suitcase because she loves fruit. And the worst thing you can do with a Leatherman knife is to peel fruit...
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