Varmint rifle is an American English term for a small-caliber firearm or high-powered air gun primarily used for varmint hunting — killing non-native or non-game animals such as rats, house sparrows, starling, crows, ground squirrels, gophers, jackrabbits, nutria, marmots, groundhogs, porcupine, opossum, coyote, skunks, weasels, or feral cats, dogs, goats, pigs and other animals considered to be nuisance vermin destructive to native or domestic plants and animals.
The varmint gun fills a design gap between the more powerful big-game rifles and the less powerful rimfire firearms. .22 Long Rifle (the most popular rimfire caliber) is somewhat underpowered for small predators, but is perfectly adequate to dealing with typical vermin; the term "varmint" covers larger animals which usually harass farms from the outside (as opposed to infestation by vermin), and the varmint gun assists in the control of them.

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  1. CountryGent

    Nikon optics?

    So, I've been farting around GB tonight looking for CZs for this project. Then I spotted one in 7.62x39㎜ ComBloc. At first blush, not interested; but, well, a very light bolt-gun, with a short action, detachable magazine, and in that .30 caliber ... hmmm. Can't help but put it on the watch...
  2. MasterChief

    5.56 Bolt Action Advice

    I want to get a bolt action 5.56 that will accept AR style mags. The only two I have found so far are the Ruger and the Mossberg below. I really like that the Mossberg has iron sights (even though I plan on using a 1-4x or 3-9x optic primarily). I have read (it seems) that the Ruger is more...
  3. Velzey

    Rock Island .22TCM Rifle Reviewed

    Did a little trading and ended up with a nice little rifle. My wife showed some interest in it, I think because of the stock color :rolleyes: She asked if I could put one of those muzzle thingy's on, and lighten the horrible 7 pound trigger pull. Heck yes I can! Cut the barrel to 16.5" and...
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