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The .223 Remington is a rifle cartridge, developed in 1957, for the ArmaLite AR-15. In 1964, the ArmaLite AR-15 was adopted by the United States Army as the M16 rifle, and it would later become the standard U.S. military rifle. The military version of the cartridge uses a 55-gr full metal jacket bullet and was designated M193. In 1980, the .223 Remington was transformed into a new cartridge, a 62-gr full metal jacket bullet with a 7-gr steel core for better penetration and designated 5.56×45mm NATO (SS109 or M855).

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  1. E

    Remington VTR .223

    Want to sell my Remington 700 VTR .223 with BSA sweet .223 scope. Gun is olive drab with black rubberized inserts, in great condition.
  2. drstrangelove

    Browning ABolt 223

    Browning ABolt Stalker, black metal and black synthetic stock in 223. 2 mags. $500 Scopes not included. Mounts And 1” rings will go with gun. Will meet at Vancouver or PDX FFL for transfer, fee on buyer. No trades. The stainless rifle has sold.
  3. Eric1979

    Black Hills .223

    77gr HP 150 rounds $120 SOLD 75gr Match HP 200 rounds $150 SOLD 68gr Match HP 150 rounds $110 SOLD 68gr Heavy Match HP 400 rounds $330 SOLD 62gr Barnes TSX 350 rounds $340 SOLD...