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.17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire, commonly known as the .17 HMR, is a rimfire rifle cartridge developed by the ammunition company Hornady in 2002. It was developed by necking down a .22 Magnum case to take a .17 caliber (4.5 mm) projectile. Commonly loaded with a 17 grain (1.1 g) projectile, it can deliver muzzle velocities in excess of 775 m/s (2,650 ft/s).

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  1. I

    Which 17 HMR ?

    I'm salivating to get a 17HMR.. but not sure which one yet. I really like the firearms CZ puts out but have no experience with the rifles yet. I wanted a cz-455 but they were discontinued. I know they are still available. The 457 has some nice improvements. The question here might be.. the...
  2. I

    17 HMR Barrel

    I'm drooling over the cz-455. They were on sale at Sportsman's Warehouse for $399. None available except up in Juneau, AK. So, I'll probably opt for the 457. My question is.... Is the Varmint barrel worth it.. practically? If so, why? My choice would be the Varmint or the American barrel. I'd...
  3. ron

    Build Thread  Scope Recommendation for 17 HMR Rifle

    Just ordered a Savage 93R17 GLV LH. 17 HMR Looking at different options for rimfire scopes. First time I ever bought a left handed rifle.:p Considering Bushnell 6-18X40 side focus Vortex Crossfire II 4-12X44 Too much magnification? Maybe a 3X9 power???:oops:
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