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Did a little trading and ended up with a nice little rifle. My wife showed some interest in it, I think because of the stock color :rolleyes:
She asked if I could put one of those muzzle thingy's on, and lighten the horrible 7 pound trigger pull.

Heck yes I can! Cut the barrel to 16.5" and threaded it 5/8-24, break installed. Worked over the trigger and it went from 7.2lbs to a nice 2.3lb pull. Overall the metal fit and finish is decent. The metal to stock fit is tight. The bolt worked a little gritty, but after lubing and cycling 25 times it smoothed right out.

As I was cutting the barrel I noticed something right away, this is decent steel. Not ultra soft like some mfg.
Anyhow the only rings I could find in stock here were these high see thru cheapies. But it got her shootin so I stuck them on.

I had picked up a few boxes of test fire ammo a few years ago. Muzzle velocity thru the crono is 2975fps

Got it all sighted in, and set targets out at 100 yards. She promptly shot thru a box of 50 rounds. When I sighted it in I noticed the group size was pretty decent.
I tell you what this little .22TCM is a tack driver. 100 yard performance is great.
Cases can be made out of .223/5.56 brass easily.
Bullets can be had for $38 per 500

I am a fan of .22Mag, but it is hard to find on occasion, and its none reloadable.
So I found something just a little better, and it was right around $300





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