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  1. ditchtiger

    Any other 22TCM users here?

    Have not seen postings, I'm I alone here?
  2. ditchtiger

    up date, Source for 22TCM supplies

    My order turned up in 4 days from Ammo Supply Warehouse - In Stock Bulk Discount Ammo The only place with 22TCM supplies I have found
  3. ditchtiger

    Source for 22TCM supplies

    Products listed in 22 TCM AMMUNITION & ETC
  4. Velzey

    Rock Island .22TCM Rifle Reviewed

    Did a little trading and ended up with a nice little rifle. My wife showed some interest in it, I think because of the stock color :rolleyes: She asked if I could put one of those muzzle thingy's on, and lighten the horrible 7 pound trigger pull. Heck yes I can! Cut the barrel to 16.5" and...
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