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Carrier may refer to:

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  1. RobMa

    Here we go again (probably) about bolt carrier groups

    BCG's... it is very hard to disseminate all the opinions of all the people all the time so I will ask this question here: What are some of the better BCG's? I always hear about DD, BCM, Toolcraft etc. etc. but is there any definitive data on what is a really high quality BCG that can go...
  2. C

    Retro-modern plate carrier design

    Hypothetical question. What if the US Military never adopted MOLLE, but instead kept ALICE/LBV systems? We see something similar in concept with this design for an USMC modular LBV; https://www.gear-illustration.com/2017/06/28/marine-modular-load-bearing-vest/ And we see an armor vest with the...
  3. Dr Prepper

    color or camo pattern for carrier what & why?

    Have often thought about getting a setup, it might just finally be the time. watched a cr*p ton of videos and reviews about plates and carriers but one thing I've never heard discussed is the color pattern or camo pattern. it would be easy if it was used for "contractor work" or something...
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