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  1. Gotyoursix

    WW2 German KKW Gustoff-Werke .22 Trainer rifle

    These were used during the interwar years leading up to WW2 as a way for the German military to introduce firearm training through competitions to the German populace in preparation for the outbreak of WW2 hostilities. As WW2 loomed closer the German military commissioned that the rifles be made...
  2. Aero Denezol

    Cleaning milsurp bolt-action rifles after shooting corrosive ammo?

    ...So, it's generally agreed upon the bore and chamber are cleaned with warm water, some folks add windex, and others use soap, but what about the bolt? How many of you disassemble the bolt and scrub it down? Seems to me you can get by with just cleaning the bolt face, but I don't want to risk...
  3. B

    Huge milsurp collection for trade

    I am located near Tacoma, I am looking to make space in my collection due to an upcoming move and would like to trade away an instant collection of milsurps. I’m looking for something unique and would trade either multiple rifles or the entire collection for it. I like modern firearms or...
  4. WAW44

    WTB WA  Enfield No1, other WWII milsurp

    Looking to buy mostly. May be willing to trade a 43 Remington 1903a3 , restored from sportster , metal never cut, rebuild with new straight stock and Sarco parts kit.
  5. 2A-Jay

    Replicating MilSurp Ammo

    If anyone is interested in Replicating Military ammo for your Mil Surp firearms the link below takes you to Army Ammunition Data Sheets for load data. http://pdf.textfiles.com/manuals/MILITARY/united_states_army_tm_43-0001-27%20-%2029_april_1994.pdf
  6. raftman

    Are people actually paying inflated milsurp prices?

    I haven't been collecting for as long as many other people here, I got into firearms around 2008. Even so, I remember buying a Mosin (in excellent condition) for $89, and a Chinese SKS for $180, to cite just a couple of examples. I hear these were even cheaper in the past, with even the latter...
  7. K

    WTS/WTT OR  300rnds milsurp 7.62nato M80 ball 147gr FMJ on stripper clips

    I have 300 rounds of 7.62 NATO (7.62x51mm/.308win), military surplus M80 ball, 147gr FMJ, brass cased, non-corrosive*. I'm looking to sell (or maybe trade, make an offer and we'll talk). I'll sell it in parts or in a single lump. I'd like 60-70 cents per round, but that's flexible and I'm...
  8. judicator

    WTS OR  Swedish Mauser M96

    I am selling a beautiful Carl Gustaf Swedish Mauser, made in 1900. It comes with the correct sling, all numbers matching except the magazine floorplate, and the blank firing device which threads onto the muzzle. It also comes with 40 rounds of commercial ammo, and 180 rounds of mil-surp blank...