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.32 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol), also known as the .32 Automatic is a centerfire pistol cartridge. It is a semi-rimmed, straight-walled cartridge developed by firearms designer John Browning, initially for use in the FN M1900 semi-automatic pistol. It was introduced in 1899 by Fabrique Nationale, and is also known as the 7.65×17mmSR Browning or 7.65 mm Browning Short.

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  1. 6gunslinger

    Beretta 81 surplus influx info...

    Recently Classic firearms and AIM surplus and a few other places have got their hands on bulk quantities of police trade in Beretta 81 pistols chambered in .32 I got one from classic and can attest to its excellence in both hand fit and controllability. It would truly make an excellent carry gun...
  2. CountryGent

    Of Mice and Men (or Women, as the case may be).

    How about a thread devoted to those little pistolas that many a lady and gent pack with them everyday. You know, little pocket autos, wheelguns, derringers, etc., in .22LR, .22 WMR .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP, et al. A few pieces from our line up: From top to bottom: An ancient H&R...
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