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  1. VanceInWA

    Buy Last Firearm Based On NWFA Reviews/Comments?

    This is a poll regarding purchase of your last firearm. Did you base your purchase, in whole or in part, on reviews or comments in NWFA? I'll put an arbitrary ten-year timeline on the poll just to keep it limited to that extent.
  2. arakboss

    Share your NWFA classified scores (purchases or trades).

    This thread is a spot to share purchases or trades you've acquired recently here the classifieds that you were happy with. I'll start with this batch of 45acp reloads I bought. There is about 800rnds of various bullet types and they came in a decent sized ammo can. They lingered in the...
  3. Lilhigbee

    NWFA plastic name tags

    How about having name tags made and sold as a fundraiser for the site?? The plastic ones with the pin on the back. I would like one to wear at gun shows so other members might introduce themselves. Something like this; LILHIGBEE...
  4. J

    New to Northwest Firearms

    Hello! I’m new to the forum. Heard about this place from another member. Happy shootin’!
  5. Fieryotaku

    NWFA Account Hacked be careful.

    I went a few months without logging onto the forums and when I came back it turned out my account had been hacked used to scam people then subsequently disabled. Thankfully I was able to recover the account after discussing it with the forum admins but just figured everyone should get a heads...
  6. arakboss

    Focus Tripp Youtube Creator, Store Owner and Maybe NWFA Member?

    Has anybody here dealt with this guy? He is evidently from SW Washington. I would be surprised if he wasn't a member here. I have been suscribed to his channel and hadn't realized he is from around here. I am slightly interested in the pinned and welded uppers he is selling...
  7. Ghoul


    Alright, I try to come on here as usual with my VPN activated, and it says my ip address has been banned. No matter what location I run it through I am denied access. Is this the website or, b iG, B r0t hR causing this?
  8. WestCoastEOD

    NWFA Noob with a pile of reloading supplies to get rid of.

    KO here from Cowlitz County WA area. Retired Navy EOD guy doing General Contracting, Handyman and Real Estate work, plus a little firearms fundamentals training to my AB&B guests on my outdoor, sheltered steel range. A recent job involved trading labor to clean out 3 Tuff Sheds in exchange...
  9. SrMachoSolo

    My newbie review of NWFA...

    I thought I'd share my own experience, being a newbie here. TLDR; it's good to know there are other snarky weirdos on the internet who have the same interests. While we may not always agree, most of us can still get along amicably. I'm just over 500 posts and half a year in since discovering...
  10. GripItAndRipIt

    NWFA Reddit UPDATE

    Well it seems our fellow forum member was just very obviously trolling. The Reddit profile of the NWFA "mystery shopper" is now deleted. Seems maybe a sock puppet? Can't quite figure out what it thought it had to gain by posting such a one-sided hit piece... Oh well, the mysteries of teh...
  11. BrandonOR

    Reddit Review of NWFA

    I found this review on Reddit of our community. I'm not trying the call anyone out, he obviously wants anonymity which I respect. That being said I haven't found this site to be much of what he said. I happen to like that this place isn't as moderated as other places, I've seen plenty of...
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