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  1. gmerkt

    Who is to say what gouging is

    These days. Gouging, scalping, call it what you will. I was visiting the Midway USA site yesterday. Just browsing. The least expensive 9mm Parabellum ammo they list is 70 cents per round. The economy brands and lines. And they don't have any. For my needs in the past, Midway was often...
  2. peteNW503

    “Caliber confused”

    When I first started carrying I was a little “caliber confused” I personally I enjoy each caliber for different reasons. When choosing a carry gun though things got a little “confusing” you hear and read so many times I didn’t know what to believe at the end of the day I found 9mm suit me best...
  3. bio990

    Hello NWFA!

    Thanks for welcoming me into the community. Lived in the PNW for almost my whole life. Interested in and like handgun shooting, shooting from holster, tactical rifle/carbine, plinking, fishing (all types both salt and fresh), building/ customizing firearms, etc. Would love to get info on the...
  4. F

    Howdy, NWFA

    Howdy, Moved here from Wyoming in 2014. I'm a bladesmith; I make sharp things for when your boomstick runs out of boom juice, but you'll probably use it to spread cream cheese. Looking to pick up a boomstick or two.
  5. Waterdawg

    Answered  NWFA classifieds-negative feedback

    I'd like to know if I'm out of line ? If someone commits to selling or buying something than backs out or just ghost's "you". to me that's good reason to leave negative feedback correct ? Am I out of line by feeling others should know how these individuals have conducted/lack of business via...
  6. A

    Trade Valuations in NWFA Classifieds

    With the increasing disparity of prices on certain reloading components and ammunition, I have noticed more for trade listings asking for pre covid valuations. I usually keep scrolling when I see these types of valuation requests but I wonder how many of these trades are successfully completed...
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