Cognia is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and internationally.

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  1. Triton900

    Foss Protection (One of if not the best instructor I have dealt with)

    I have taken several courses at Renton Fish and Game with Tristan Foster of as of this posting. Most recently was a course with my wife, an intro to handguns for her. Tristan was able to read her quickly, know where she was at and how hard to push her while...
  2. CRBMoA

    nOOb question with advanced apology

    Hello All, This is a great place - so much to learn! Hypothetical question: A guy should probably be able to look this up, but for reasons, both personal and professional regarding the sudden passing of a family member/business partner, let's just say he will be making a trip to the...
  3. 2

    Advanced Armorment Corp / Adapters Question

    I'm on the jail waiting list for a AAC Ti-Rant 45M, that I'll be needing to get a 1/2"x28 Tri-Lug and Adapter for. I see the suppressor accessories available, and what I need is available. The question is, are other manufacturers (or 3rd party that make them), other designs that are better...
  4. C

    I'll be heading into advanced oral surgery on Friday afternoon.

    Sadly, I'll be coming home without teeth. They don't look too bad, but the Periodontal disease has made keeping them impractical and a threat to my general health. I am not looking forward to this.
  5. The Nothing

    Break-in at Advanced Firearms Training - Gresham

    Firearms stolen from gun shop in Gresham, suspect sought They're good guys. Sucks this happened
  6. U

    US SOCOM chooses 300 Norma Magnum for the upcoming new Advanced Sniper Rifle for our Special Forces

    First field testing of rifles submitted for US SOCOM's new ASR ( Advanced Sniper Rifle ) begins next week, with follow-up testing scheduled for July. At this point little is known, other than it has been announced that the 300 Norma Magnum cartridge has been selected as the ammo for the new...
  7. Mike Johnson

    Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot = Garbage

    I just got my $130 primary arms advanced micro dot in the mail, opened it up , turned it on, and the dot looks like a meteor shower coming down to earth. There is no dot , it is garbage, and I bought this directly from Primary Arms Ebay site. I don't understand why they try to resell products...
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