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Seattle native here with a like passion for firearms, shooting, hunting, and fishing. I have a heavy IT background and am a moderator/admin over at a local NW fishing site. I have a trust for my collection, which includes Class II cans. I'm always interested in buying, trading, selling, so am glad to see a local NW site where I can toss up some photos of items that maybe one of you will want and enjoy. I have a few older/rare type pieces that are hard to find buyers for and are just taking up space in my safe. If you have an interest a nice Remington Model 24 (22LR), Colt New Police Model .38 (Low SN and wear marks from daily police use/wear), Colt Model 1902 (.38ACP) or a Mauser C-96 1930 M30 (7.63mm), gimme a shout.


(Avatar photo is of a CMP purchased, high-graded, matching serial numbers, HR M1 Garand made in the late 40's. I removed/stored all of the original wood, purchased a CMP stock and what you see is the end product of some sanding, staining and finishing.)
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Welcome to NWFA, check out our classified section as you’ll get much better action there for items you wish to sell.


Nice, matching serial numbers, you must have paid a penny for that. I'm currently trying to fix an issue with the clips popping up on mine, not matching. (Stock is unfortunately new from cmp as well)

Nice to see another technology guy around, with a passion for old and new technology, a few of us around.

Welcome :)



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