The term supreme (also spelled suprême) used in cooking and culinary arts refers to the best part of the food. For poultry, game and fish dishes, supreme denotes a fillet.

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  1. solv3nt

    Oregon  Oregon AG Petitions Oregon Supreme Court to Overturn Judge Raschio

    Honestly, that took longer than I would have expected.
  2. pdxjimbo

    Other State  NY Supreme Court Nukes Red Flag Laws

    New York Supreme Court Nukes Democrat's Red Flag Laws, Includes Biting Message "It can not be stated clearly enough that the Second Amendment is not a second class right, nor should it ever be treated as such."...
  3. Z

    Oregon  Oregon Supreme Court denies AG’s petition to intervene in Measure 114 case
  4. EHJ

    Oregon  Oregon Supreme Court DENIES AG’s petition to intervene in Measure 114 case...

    Yup. 114 is technically (for now) Blocked by the Harney County Judge - AND the Attorney Generals plea to the Oregon Supreme Court to intercede in same case was denied.
  5. ilikegunspdx

    The way we can EFFECTIVELY fight measure 114

    What can we do about measure 114 individually? I believe the court case(s) to overturn this unconstitutional law is the most effective way to fight this. We have seen in the last months that court cases are extremely effective in striking down these gun control laws, one after another. This is...
  6. ilikegunspdx

    National  Case before Supreme Court - atf taking bump stocks with no compensation, will scotus take it?

    This one may have legs. Lower court apparently screwed it up plus it's a 5th amendment case. Typically with 2nd amendment cases the Supreme Court has not taken cases that deal with the details of firearms function etc (f.e. the other recent bump stock case they did not take). In contrast this...
  7. Yarome

    Other State  Oblitered serial number charges found unconstitutional!

    Wow! Interesting stuff! In a court case, the charge of being in possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number was thrown out based on the SCOTUS Bruen decision. Text and history did not require a firearm to be serialized. Crats... minds are gonna BLOW!! :s0140...
  8. E

    Other State  Supreme Court vacates Massachusetts gun control ruling in another 2A victory All I keep seeing is more reasons to be constitutional carry nation wide. I mean we have to hop thru hoops and training/fees while criminals just...
  9. Hawaiian

    National  Another Supreme Court win. The Supreme Court ordered a lower court ruling on a Massachusetts gun control law to be vacated and directed a lower court to reconsider the case. The case in question, Morin v. Lyver, centers around a...
  10. RobMa

    Supreme court taking on gun confiscation case!

    This guy is a little hard to listen to but it’s info.
  11. RobMa

    Supreme court guts one of the alphabet agency's reach, others to follow? AFT?

    How do you think this decision will affect the other alphabet agencies that rule over us, specifically the AFT?
  12. Frank RW

    Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

    How terribly unfortunate :( One of many sources about it:
  13. J

    National  Interesting Update for Attorney that Won 2A Supreme Court Case

    He won, law firm states they will no longer represent 2a clients, he and another leave to start new firm:
  14. User 1234

    National  Big 2A win today at US Supreme Court

    Struck down “proper cause” requirement for CCW permits. Also struck down the two-step standard of review which the 9th Circuit has been using to justify gun control laws.
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