Zero Install is a means of distributing and packaging software for multiple operating systems (Linux and Unix-like, OS X, and Windows). Many distributions offer it as an additional non-default component.

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  1. WhyElKay

    G17 Gen 5 Change out Backstrap

    I would like to change the back strap out. It looks like it just snaps on, is it that easy?
  2. Mykael

    Glock Night Fision Sight Installation

    Hello NW Firearms, I just bought a new set of Night Fision sights during black friday for my carry pistol. Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary tools to install them at home. Night Fision recommends that the sights be installed with a nylon punch and a hand file. Can someone recommend a...
  3. P

    Glock night sight install

    I'm looking for someone to install some night sights I have on my G19. I'm hoping someone has the Glock sight tool near me cause there's no gun smiths in my area
  4. S

    Glock 19 Suppressor Sight & Trigger Install - Woodinville Area

    I bought a Glock 19 MOS with RMR mounted, and on it but it still has stock height sights and a stock trigger. Can someone recommend a gunsmith to help swap my sights and trigger? I live and work in the Woodinville area and want someone who can do good work (knowing that these are not high risk...
  5. Beltfed

    CB Radio recommendation, and install

    Does anyone know where I can buy a CB Radio and have it installed? Coast area Tillamook, Seaside, And Astoria areas.
  6. 13moons

    Sight install pdx

    (Portland) Where is a good and inexpensive place to get a set of Dawson sights installed on my gen 4 Glock 34 mos ? Thank you in adavance.
  7. C

    1911 Ambi-Safety Install

    I have never worked on 1911 internals, nor do I have experience working on firearms that require "fitting". I have never installed a part on any firearm that has not just dropped right in. That being said I am thinking about adding a ambi-safety to my Stainless Kimber 1911. My plan was to...
  8. Kurt82

    A2 Triangle Endcap For Drop In Hand Guard Install

    Putting together for the first time a delta ring assembly with a triangle end cap for a carbine length drop in hand guard. My problem is that I don't understand how the gas port lines up and the dimple in barrel for the set screw with a end cap in front of the gas black which will throw off the...
  9. N Monty

    Portland area gunsmith - Install AR gas block:

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a local AR gunsmith to install a pinned Giessele Super Gas Block on a new barrel. Some drilling will definitely be required. I don't have the tools to do this myself and would like it to be done properly. I haven't had a ton of luck...
  10. B3dlam

    Toyota Tacoma VHF/UHF (2m/70cm) Mobile Install (Picture Heavy)

    So I finally got around to installing a mobile radio in my 2011 Toyota Tacoma and figured I'd share. All said and done the finished setup was around ~$500. The first picture shows everything that was purchased from the last picture is the items purchased at my local AutoZone to...
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