Base or BASE may refer to:

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  1. jordanka16

    Remington model 8 scope base

    I recently acquired a Remington model 8 that is drilled and tapped for a scope base. Since it is already drilled I figured it would be the perfect host for my vintage weaver 330. I'm having a really hard time finding what base it's drilled for however. There are 3 holes on top and 2 on the...
  2. Vaultman

    AR Base & Rings

    A few months back I saw somewhere what looked like a good quality base/ring combo. It was cantilevered and there were 4 (count 'em FOUR) screws to tighten through the pic rail. I think they cam in like 34mm and had a 'reducer' to get to smaller sizes. I am looking for that brand again and cannot...
  3. that guy

    Recommend super low base + rings

    Looking for some low rings to mount a 30mm fixed power scope on my 336. Anyone have a setup they recommend? Thanks.
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