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Flash may refer to:

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  1. cigars

    NEWS FLASH: Every bump stock in US lost in boating accidents

    As reported by the Babylon Bee. Well, I'm good with that. Tragic: Every Single Bump Stock In Nation Suddenly Lost In Boating Accident
  2. 9mm guy

    Question about constant muzzle flash in a new 9mm Titegroup load

    So I started reloading with the Titgroup powder. I reloaded about 15 rounds for test firing before making any further big batches. I fired them this morning and I noticed that there was muzzle flash every time I fired each of those 15 rounds. I also noticed burn marks at the end of my muzzle...
  3. unclewalther

    9mm ar flash can

    Greetings all, I have been looking and studying 9mm AR pistols, and was looking into flash cans, and see that 9mm is typically 1/2 x 36 thread, and there's no discussion of a crush washer involved in some of the articles I am reading... can someone educate me on this? Is it necessary? and can...
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