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  1. Bruiser541

    Dillon Case Trimmer Vacuum Adapter

    I just got my Dillon case trimmer and my 1 1/4" shop vac hose does not fit over the exhaust. After searching my garage, I discovered the case of my Lee decapper die fits perfectly into the hose. I cut the cone end off and taped the other end to the exhaust. I know a lot of us have these dies so...
  2. Sfc Jack

    New dillon dies, hourglassing brass?

    My new dillion carbide 9mm sizer is hour glassing the brass. Ive adjusted / backed off to where they just slip into the case gage. Tried on all different brass, shot out of different guns... I setup my old rcbs other than a couple of scratches it isn't hourglassed... Anyone have suggestions??
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