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Milling may refer to:
Milling (grinding), the process of grinding grain or other materials in a mill
Milling (machining), the process of machining metal via non-abrasive rotary cutting
removing asphalt pavement with a milling machine
Photochemical milling (disambiguation)
a part of the leather crusting process
a type of boxing session used in training by the British Army
Milling also refers to the process of breaking down, separating, sizing, or classifying aggregate material. For instance rock crushing or grinding to produce uniform aggregate size for construction purposes, or separation of rock, soil or aggregate material for the purposes of structural fill or land reclamation activities. Aggregate milling processes are also used to remove or separate contamination or moisture from aggregate or soil and to produce "dry fills" prior to transport or structural filling.

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  1. E

    Slide milling snohomish county

    I am looking to get a vp9 milled for a RDS. Is there any one up here that you could recommend?
  2. 3wayA

    Slide Milling in PDX

    Does anybody know of any local PDX Metro area companies that are actually doing slide milling as of today? I know there are other posts about this but they are full of suggestions of companies that aren’t actually accepting customers. I am looking for someone that is actually cutting metal...
  3. Kilowhiskey

    Slide milling (skeleton)

    I was curious if anyone knows any gun smiths that do slide milling, more specifically skeleton cuts for smith and Wesson. Thank you. I prefer local area (Salem Oregon) but will travel a bit or send it off.
  4. Creamee

    Pricing a gun with Jaegerwerks milling

    This might be against the rules, but I poked around the forum and couldn't find a clear answer to if its fair to post in hopes of figuring a fair price for something. I have an early P-10C with a 508t Green, fiberoptic irons, and all the Jaegerwerks milling from JW short of their window. Has an...
  5. Sniperwannabee

    Any slide milling around coos bay?

    Looking to have a full size m&p and a shield done , local shop (orco) stopped doing them
  6. BGP1776

    Slide Milling for RMR - Albany / Corvallis / Salem area?

    It's been asked before but mostly up in the PDX area. Does anyone mill for RMRs in the Mid-Valley area? HK P30L wanting an RMR Cut.
  7. S

    Aimpoint Acro slide milling

    Hey all does anyone know where the specs for slide milling an Acro cut can be found? I reached out to Aimpoint but don't seem to be getting an answer. Managed to find a local guy that can do the cuts I just don't have the optic (im on the waitlist for the P-2). Any advice would be great, even...
  8. Knebel

    Milling an 80% lower without jig

    Has anyone done it? Any tips? I have an already done lower as a guide to measure things out and I have a drillpress and a dremel table with a x-y table. Anyway, just looking for tips on how to do this... the jigs all seem to be 200$ and thats a little steep to do one receiver.
  9. Y

    Slide milling for optic

    Does anyone know any gunsmiths in the portland area that will mill a VP9 slide for an optic?
  10. LuLuBelle

    Slide milling in or around Northern Oregon/SW Washington

    I have a Glock 43X and want to get the slide milled for an RMR red-dot optic. I will either buy the completed one and keep my original or let them do the work on my slide. Either way, does anyone recommend a place that does this work professionally ? Thanks in advance, Richard
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