Molle may mean:
Mölle, a town in southwestern Sweden
MOLLE (military) (MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), a version of load bearing gear used by the U.S. Military
Molle (culture), a Precolumbian culture of Chile
Jean Molle (born 1933), a French sprint canoer
Mulli or Molle, a mountain in Peru

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  1. Delasangre4231

    Finally a magazine pouch that works for AK47

    I have been looking and looking and finally stumbled across these. They are made by Templars Gear in Poland. Sold by Polenar Tactical in Solvenia. They are an improvement to the HSG Taco and the G-code scorpion pouches. They don't need clips that screw to that back to they sit tighter to the...
  2. C

    Another mesh MOLLE chest rig done...

    Whoo since the first one got sold to @cigars (thanks again! 😁👍) I decided to make a 2nd one with a slightly different color scheme... 12 MOLLE columns wide, 3 rows Materials used Ranger Green mesh Olive Drab edge tape 1.5" Ranger Green webbing for H harness 1" gray tinted (Point Blank...
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