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  1. Darce

    Dillon/Double Alpha/Hornady reloading equipment

    308 Cabide dies. $183 ($140) Mr bullet feeder conv( 308) $183 ($140) 1050 conv (308) $148 ($110) $380. All together $350 Mr bullet feeder Conv (.45acp) $150 ($120 w/ die) Double alpha seating/crimping die $23 650 conv (9mm) $82 ($50) Hornady sonic cleaner $100 ($70) Hornady concentricity...
  2. Pops1911

    Growing Pains Into the Dillon 650 XL

    Well, my new to me 650 XL are getting to be pretty close friends now. I have been slipping over to the new house and into the basement to "play" with the new to me Dillon. Finally and at last I have successfully changed out the 9mm reloading package for my 45acp package. Been waiting on parts...
  3. Pops1911

    Upgrades for Dillon 650 XL

    So Gang, here I am purchasing upgrades for the Dillon 650 XL I still do not have in my possession. LOL I have bought the powder check system, the roller cam follower and the roto-cam actuator. Yep, safety to be had with the powder check system and non-lubricated moving parts with the other...
  4. Pops1911

    Aftermarket Doodads, Geegaws and Fooferaw for Dillon 650 XL

    Yep I am still getting my new-to-me Dillon 650 XL in a couple of months when we can move into the new house. I have been binge reading about this loader and how very good it is. There also seems to be a significant offering of aftermarket tweaks and add-ons that are supposed to make this...
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