The Emeryville Research Center of Shell Development Company in Emeryville, California was a major research facility of Shell Oil Company in the United States from 1928 until 1972, when Shell Development relocated to Houston, Texas. Shell Development's Emeryville facilities were located on about 27 acres (110,000 m2), included nearly 90 buildings at its peak, and when decommissioned in 1972, employed a staff of about 1500.

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  1. IRY

    5.56 tight fitting in shell holder

    Hello everyone. I have a question about some 5.56 cases I have been collecting lately. I pick it up at the local shooting area and I usually decap it then clean. Some of this brass is a very tight fit in my shell holder if it fits at all. I would guess I'm throwing away around 25%. I don't...
  2. Shell holder variances

    So today I decided to get out the Lee Hand Press kit and prepare myself for the next range trip where I plan to go and load rounds at the range for the Remington 700 on some load development etc. As I placed the shell holder in the hand press I noticed something.... For some background, I...
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