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Jan 11, 2013
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True grit

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Viewing thread Sphinx SDP Compact Alpha 9mm, Nov 19, 2017 at 7:18 PM
    1. GSXR600k8
      I will now take it that you are no longer interested and take it down to the local gun shop who would only offer me $150 for it which is a crap deal for a $350 gun that has never been fired. Sure glad I wasted two weeks waiting for somebody to make up their mind whether They felt like buying it or not while in the process telling me they would buy it in a few days.(Good day to you sir)
    2. GSXR600k8
      I’m a pretty reasonable person and all I ask is what most people would ask and that is if you tell somebody you are going to purchase something you follow through with it or you tell them I am not interested anymore. No communication or letting me know yes or no on what you’re doing is not only annoying but frustrating.
    3. GSXR600k8
      Not sure what the deal Is but I’ve been fairly patient and have even gone as far as saying I would drive all the way to Portland from Eugene to make the deal work and yet still you have not even given me a response. Not sure how you have come up with 100% positive feedback as I would definitely say this is not the type of person I want trading on NW firearms.
    4. GSXR600k8
      You know I didn’t really ask for much when you told me you were interested in purchasing a firearm I have for sale. Simple things like communicating to me whether or not you wanted it, and not telling me that you were going to pick it up next weekend on two occasions and then not following through.
    5. AK Operator
      AK Operator
      i am interested i also have an ar 10 if you send me your ph nr i can send you some pics .Thank you
      1. True grit
        True grit
        541-645-5184 what kind of AR10 is it
        May 27, 2017
    6. colt44
      what did you decide after looking at the pictures
    7. salty
      Would you have any interest in sr1911 linb 50 rounds shoot?
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