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Mortal Kombat II (commonly abbreviated as MKII) is a fighting game originally produced by Midway for the arcades in 1993. It was later ported to multiple home systems, including the MS-DOS, Amiga, Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega Saturn, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and various PlayStation consoles, mostly in licensed versions developed by Probe Entertainment and Sculptured Software and published by Acclaim Entertainment (currently distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment).
Mortal Kombat II was the second game in the Mortal Kombat series, improving the gameplay and expanding the mythos of the original Mortal Kombat, notably introducing more varied finishing moves (including several Fatalities per character and new finishers, such as Babality and Friendship) and several iconic characters, such as Kitana, Mileena, Kung Lao, Noob Saibot, and the series' recurring villain, Shao Kahn. The game's plot continues from the first game, featuring the next Mortal Kombat tournament set in the otherdimensional realm of Outworld, with the Outworld and Earthrealm representatives fighting each other on their way to challenge the evil emperor Shao Kahn.
The game was an unprecedented commercial success and was acclaimed by most critics, receiving many annual awards and having been featured in various top lists in the years and decades to come, and also caused a major video game controversy due to the series' continuous depiction of graphic violence. Its legacy includes spawning a spin-off game Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks and having the greatest influence on the 2011 reboot game Mortal Kombat, as well as inspiring numerous video game clones.

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  1. Pahonix

    Savage MKII aftermarket mags?

    I have three savage mkII OEM mags and I'm finding that they just suck. Anyone know if there is an aftermarket version of these magazines?
  2. T

    Whatever happened to Oregon Precision Arms

    I just discovered Oregon Precision Arms and cant find any more information about them. Anyone know what happened to them? I'm guessing it was just too narrow of a market and probably prices that were a tad too high?
  3. Alexx1401

    MKIV Ruger mags in MKII

    Well add this to the I learn something new all the time :cool: Was at the range today, had my MKII and MKIV among the mix. I accidentally put a loaded MKIV mag in the MKII. As I pulled the empty out I noticed it. So tried another. They lock in and feed perfect. So I do not know if it's just my...
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