Threading may refer to:
Thread (computing), a programming technique
Threading (epilation), a hair removal method
Threading (manufacturing), the process of making a screw thread
Threading (protein sequence), a method for computational protein structure prediction
Threaded code, another programming technique
Threaded discussion, a style of email and Usenet news handling

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  1. J

    Barrel threading? Who does it?

    Hello my fellow Americans.. I recently purchased two rifles, both .22LR, both with unthreaded barrels. I am currently in process with the ATF to get a .22 suppressor and would LOVE to get my 2 new rifles threaded IF FEESABLE! I am looking for suggestions to any gun Smith who has done good work...
  2. rob1516

    10/22 barrel cut/threading in SE PDX area?

    for factory blued tapered 10/22 barrel
  3. B5Ben

    Taurus/Beretta 92/96 threading

    Hey everyone. I have a Taurus 92FS and am curious if anyone has threaded the factory barrel or if an aftermarket barrel is needed for additional length. There is about 5/16” of barrel extending beyond the slide. I haven’t spoke to gunsmith or machine shop yet but thought I would float the...
  4. aasbra

    Threading pistol caliber lever action

    Considering having a couple pistol caliber lever actions threaded for suppressor use. Have a Marlin 1894 45 Colt, and considering getting either a 1894 Marlin .357 or a Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine in .357. Is there anyone around locally who does this operation?
  5. 68w

    Barrel threading

    Looking to have my Rem 700 LR barrel threaded to add a brake. Can anyone recommend a reputable shop somewhere between Buckley and Bellevue? Thinking about possibly cerakoting all the stainless black as well, so if they can thread the barrel and coat the rifle all in one go that's even better.
  6. clearconscience

    Threading a bolt rifle barrel?

    Has anyone on here taken their bolt rifle and had it threaded for a brake? I was toasing around the idea of getting a larger caliber bolt gun for hunting and was wanted to see if a smith can thread it for a brake and if anyone has done it, is it worth it? I'm looking at a 300 win mag.
  7. CountryGent

    Threading Mini-14 Barrel

    So I am looking at having my Ruger Mini-14 carbine threaded to ½”x 28. It looks like Tornado Tech in Hillsboro can do this work for a little over a c-note. Anyone avail themselves of their services and can report back? Beyond that, anyone else I should consider? Thanks much.
  8. v0lcom13sn0w

    Barrel Threading

    Anyone here know a good place to get a couple Savage barrels cut and threaded? rough estimate on cost? one is a savage 10 in .308 and the other is a 116 stainless in 300WM. im wanting 5/8x24 threads. i checked out tornado technologies. they seem legit. was more after helpin out a member of this...
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